Welcome to XMLSOCCER.COMXML feeds for your website

We are specialised in providing a cheap and stable machine-readable data-feed from our always up to date database. We always provide one league free of charge (simply register and you are ready to go) so you can test our service, and start developing your projects using our extensive database TODAY!

Visit the League page to see the complete list of supported Europeen leagues, and which one that is currently offered free of charge. We believe in simplicity and effeciency - that is why we use a very simple and transparent price-model: Flatrate. You pay €10/month which grants you access to all services and all leagues.

Don't hesitate, TRY our service for free (ALL functionality within ONE League) by registering now or login if you already have an account.

.NET .dll library file releasedComplete with video tutorial

Make your .NET life much easier by using the xmlsoccer.com .dll for you to get powerful objects returned from the API using just a couple lines of codes.

More details at the wiki: .NET .dll library class file tutorial. (~Michael @ February 2014)

Facebook page and player dataFor news and announcements

I have created a small facebook page which is where I will keep you posted with news and service updates. Feel free to "like" it for the latest news and developments. This is also where I will post updates if there are some known issues regarding the service.
Two new methods have been added to the service, which means that xmlsoccer.com now supports individual player data. More info can be found at the Wiki site

(~Michael @ April 2014)

Wiki has launched & Ruby GemNew Wiki-site has been launched

A wiki-page has been created, which will replace the documentation document. It will be much easier for me to maintain the documentation and it also enables a place for all of you to share your experiences and code examples to fellow API-users.

Please don't hesitate to go to xmlsoccer.wikia.com and start reading and contributing - and don't miss the community created Ruby Gem found at the wiki! (~Michael @ April 2013)

Detailed soccer statsHistorical, current and futuristical data

Elliminate the need for timeconsuming datacollecting and structuring now and in the future.

Using Extensible Markup Language (XML) we provide you with a fast and stable database filled with historical data, livescore and fixtures including market details (odds) from most of the European soccer-leagues.

You simply connect to our webservice stating information you need, and it will provide nicely structured data ready for display on your website or as input in your statistical models. Subscribing will grant you unlimited access which includes the following

  • Extensive historical soccer data and statistics
  • Livescore
  • Fixtures and standings
  • Market details (Odds) for future matches from over 30 bookmakers
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